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"I'm encouraging kids to use computers at their own pace to build aspirations" (Prof. Sugata Mitra)

10MinSchool is a pedagogical, technological and social educational venture established to help students worldwide to advance and achieve better academic results. We've developed an international pedagogical method, which utilizes a vast library with thousands of videos of all required disciplines. 10MinSchool videos are best suited to student's attention span, about 10 minutes long.

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“Give children a computer and Internet access, and a group of kids will teach themselves and build their and our future. The role of the adult (the teacher) in the classroom is to show interest in them and most importantly, to encourage them… there is no need to interfere. The traditional role of a teacher is gone…” (Prof. Sugata Mitra)

Personalized, Self-Learning Technological Platform

Using state-of-the-art coding capabilities, 10MinSchool’s platform enables each student to work in a completely personalized environment, tailored to his curriculum and learning program. Methodologies developed over years of research by our pedagogical experts enable our self-learning platform to constantly track student behavior and achi...

10 Minute Lessons – it’s our Specialty!

10MinSchool specializes in producing complete online courses divided into short lessons. We have developed a unique pedagogical methodology, which utilizes a vast library with thousands of proprietary videos of all disciplines, suitable for any level of education, and tailored in each country to fit the most updated local formal curriculu...

Synchronous E-Learning – Online Lessons

Aiming at allowing each student to learn from the best teachers, regardless of geographical location and socioeconomic status, on top of the comprehensive video-lesson library, 10MinSchool has also developed an innovative system for conducting high-quality online lessons for individuals and groups. The systems includes:
• Video and audio...

Synchronous ICT Center for a Better Learning Experience

Over time, we have noticed that the number of students surfing the website is growing and that they are thirsty for knowledge. Accordingly, we have established an Information Communication and Technology Center, which allows professional teachers to answer questions regarding homework, help prepare for exams, etc.
We operate municipal an...

Social Responsibility

We believe that education is the key to success that may help closing the socioeconomic gaps. Quality education should be accessible to every student, regardless of socioeconomic status.
Each student can use 10MinSchool’s learning system throughout the year and study any subject, with no limitation.
It is therefore part of our policy t...

When Content Meets Technology

As an education venture striving for excellence, we make sure to stay up-to-date with the curriculums of all countries, in which we operate, while producing additional videos on a constant basis, upon necessity.
Our staff of professional educators keeps on dreaming and constantly challenging our production and technology teams, led by a ...


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