The people behind 10MinSchool

10MinSchool - Leading Educational Project in Israel, launched in 2014

In 2015, after success in the country of origin, the project was launched in Ukraine and France. Currently, we are expanding in other countries around the world with the help of our employees, using their vision of a "new era of education" and considering the project not only as a professional but also as a social mission

  • Shalom Asayag

    Shalom Asayag


    Comedian, artist, actor and one of the leading TV-personalities in Israel. About a decade ago, he has established a firm in the field of production and content. Throughout the years, Mr. Asayag has conducted and produced a variety of TV formats and productions acquired by Israeli broadcasting networks, alongside formats, which were sold to several countries around the world.

    Shalom virtually lives and breathes technology and Internet. As a performer, he is connected to the younger audience, which allowed him to identify the need for accessible education and contemporary language, combined with pedagogical accuracy. He came up with the idea of creating the largest educational video library in the world, aiming to encourage the young generation to strive for outstanding achievements. Shalom’s goal is to make the 10MinSchool venture accessible to wider audiences for an affordable price.

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  • Daniel Nahmias

    Daniel Nahmias


    Photographer, Camera Obscura graduate. At the beginning of his professional career, worked as a photographer and art director, while concurrently acquiring education in the field of advertising, which led to further endeavors related to advertising and TV productions.
    Over the years, Daniel gained extensive experience in the fields of content, production and advertising, and developed strong financial, management and marketing skills.

    About a decade ago, he started collaborating with Shalom Asayag, with whom he established a firm in the field of production and content. Over the years, they have produced a variety of Internet and TV programs that were broadcasted by Israeli’s leading channels, along with huge show productions around the world. In addition, they have developed various television formats and productions acquired by Israeli broadcasting networks, alongside formats, which were sold to several countries around the world.
    Apart from leading 10MinSchool's business development , Daniel is also currently managing our operations in Israel.

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  • Gilad Shafran

    Gilad Shafran


    With 20 years of senior level management experience across various industries and multinational operations, Mr. Shafran has joined 10MinSchool to manage our global operations. Previous to his role at 10MinSchool, he has established a boutique advisory firm, working with HNW clientele across Europe. Backed by his foundations as an international transaction lawyer, Gilad has previously held top-tier management positions at multinational finance and real estate companies.

    With a long-lasting urge to make social impact through education, Gilad, who is also a board member of the Halpern Center for the Research of Consciousness according to Judaism at Bar-Ilan University, saw it only natural to harness his business skills and international expertise to promote 10MinSchool’s business worldwide. In his role as Global CEO, he is overseeing our international operations, managing investor relations and steering our global expansion.

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  • Dalit Stauber

    Dalit Stauber

    Pedagogical Director

    Former Director-General of the Ministry of Education (2011-2013). Prior to occupying the top educational position in the country, Mrs. Stauber was Director of the Ministry of Education Tel Aviv District (2009-2011). In 2011, she also served as the Acting Director-General of the Israeli Education Television Network. From 1980 until 2009, she held several positions in the fields of teaching, instruction, management and supervision.

    Along with her professional endeavours, Dalit continues to hold several public positions: she is a member of “Yad VaShem” management staff, member of the Trump Foundation International Consultative Assembly, Chairwoman of Stauber Committee for the Advancement of Women in the Civil Service, Chairmen of the Board at ORT Braude College of Engineering, member of the Board of Trustees at Beit Berl College, member of the Board of Trustees at Ono Academic College, Director at the IDC Herzliya “Meitiv” Center for Positive Psychology, Director at “Madatech” – Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, Director at the Consumer Council and at the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, member of staff responsible for establishing strategy and developing human capital for civil service, member of staff responsible for conducting the code of ethics for government employees.
    Mrs. Stauber has represented Israel at the CEDAW Committee of the UN. In addition, she represented the Ministry of Education in the inter-ministerial committee for determining the status of the children of illegal immigrants.
    Mrs. Stauber has received multiple awards for outstanding achievements in the fields of education and management, including the Distinguished Service award on behalf of the “Ometz” Movement for her special contribution to society and community (2014), Director-General award for outstanding achievements as the Ministry of Education employee (2005) and Noah Mozes award for outstanding achievements (2006).
    Currently, Dalit is an active lecturer at Ono Academic College, and a a globally renown education consultant.

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  • Shai Kimhi

    Shai Kimhi

    VP Product

    Professional teacher and instructor with over 17 years of experience, including training teachers and instructors, along with frontal instruction. Specializes in the development of learning materials and lessons dedicated to a wide variety of subjects, in English and Hebrew.

    Held various positions in the field of education and was engaged in pedagogical management and development of learning materials. In 2010-2011, served as a senior consultant for courses’ development at High-q Ltd., Singapore.
    Kimhi efficiently utilizes his extensive experience to find a technological solution for any pedagogical idea, quickly and efficiently.

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