About the Venture

10MinSchool is an innovative pedagogical, technological and social venture established to assist student worldwide in achieving better academic results, regardless of socioeconomic status or place of residence.

We specialize in establishing online learning environments tailored to fit the curriculum approved by local authorities in each country, making education accessible to everyone. Our main goal is to lead students around the world to outstanding achievements at minimal cost. 

Our vision

Teenagers today grow up, constantly glued to the screen (computer, tablet or mobile devices) 24/7. For modern day "screenagers", technology is a second nature. It is no surprize nowadays to witness three-year-old kids play computer games and acquire higher-order thinking and autodidactic skills.

Accordingly, over the past decade, the world of education tends to adopt various technological platforms to support the pedagogical process. The teacher's role has changed in this new world and students can reach outstanding achievements regardless of external factors, such as socioeconomic status or demographical aspects.

Studies show that outstanding students can be characterized by the following qualities: strong self-motivation, curiosity and creativity. Exceptional people are drawn to complexity and will usually prefer new stimuli over familiar ones. They strive to acquire expertise and rise above the others. They have a developed sense of self-worth, a sense of self-responsibility and a stable inner focus of control, and especially prominent is the fact they study more efficiently and are able to learn from their experience. They are our inspiration.

“Teacher’s role is to enable learning - that is all.” (Sir Ken Robinson)

Under the guidance of leading pedagogical experts and our advisory board, we have developed a unique pedagogical methodology, which utilizes a vast library with thousands of proprietary videos of all disciplines, suitable for any level of education, and tailored to fit the formal local curriculum. Each 10minschool.com video is about 10 minutes long, with an experienced professional educator effectively teaching a complete lesson, available at any time, to any student, however remote, at an affordable price. 

Lessons are filmed in a professional studio, using advanced pedagogical accessories. 

Our cross-platform learning environment puts any student a mere click away from a personalized and adaptive learning experience, providing effective and positively motivating tools to enhance their achievements. Whether preparing for an exam, doing homework, or catching up with some classroom materials, 10MinSchool’s environment is your go-to solution.

over 100,000 students use 10MinSchool's learning environment across cities, countries and continents. Education officials report significant improvements are evident in dedicated users. We take pride in their success.

"The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast…” (Peter Drucker)

Originated in Israel in 2014, 10MinSchool is currently active in Israel and Ukraine, and in process of establishing its presence in China and France, as part of its global expansion strategy. In each country, 10MinSchool establishes a strong local presence in cooperation with a predominant local strategic partner and top level local pedagogical experts.


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